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We have gained bloggers a total of 3,249,234 followers to date.

A new kind of plug.

Tifot gains you followers by matching what you categorise your blog as, with categories that other bloggers are interested in. You also have the ability to select categories that you are interested in - this is so that we can help connect you with blogs, that we think you may like.

You also have the ability to promote your posts with us.

You will be shown a feed of your latest photo posts, and then given the ability to assign a category to the post of your choice, or as many posts of your posts as you like. Any tifot users who have the category you selected, selected as one of their interests - will be shown the post.

Genuine Users

Unlike a lot of services available. We are one of the few that offer nothing but real, genuine followers. Just like you, others join.

Free to use

Tifot is a free to use service. Whilst we do offer paid options to give you an edge, you don't need to pay a cent to gain followers.

No Spam

We provide you with the option of posting for us, in exchange for credits. But we do never, and will never post on your behalf.


Tifot works in the background. So while you control your content, we will put your blog on display to other bloggers.


Frequently Asked Questions
If I join and then disconnect, what will happen?

Nothing. Your blog is your blog, and what followers you gain while you are connected with us, will remain following you, unless they at their own will decide they no longer want to.

So why does tifot follow random blogs?

Well, it's not entirely as random as you think. Tifot will follow blogs that have categories assigned to them, that you have already expressed an interest in. So we try to never follow blogs we think you won't like.

What will happen if I unfollow the blogs that tifot follows?

Nothing. Well, not on our end. If tifot follows someone on your behalf, you can unfollow them whenever you like. But chances are that, that user may notice and may intentionally unfollow you in return.

Infinite credits? But why don't I earn infinite followers?

If you were to gain infinite followers, you would be showing a lot of content to blogs who perhaps would not like to see it. Tifot only follows blogs with matching, or very similar categories and post tags. You will still gain a lot more than you usually would.

Will you post on my behalf?

Once per day. If you have ever seen a tifot post on a tumblr users blog, most of the time it is because that user has clicked a button, instantly sending the post to tumblr. We post up to once per day automatically, but this might not always happen - this is a randomised process. You can remove these posts at anytime, but they do work to gain you credits. These auto posts will also be automatically deleted within 5-30 minutes of being posted.

I posted the tifot ad too many times. Now my blog looks like a mess and looks a little spammy.

No problems. We have a feature that will completely remove any and all tifot related content from your blog - making it look all nice and wicked again in a matter of seconds.

Why can't I delete my account?

You can. You just can't do it through tifot. You will need to login to tumblr on a desktop device, view your settings, then view your application settings, locate tifot, and there you will see will be a nice little X Button beside it.

How can I gain credits quicker?

The best, and easiest way to gain credits, is by sharing your affiliate link. Everytime a user signs up using your link, you will gain credits. Also, when tifot asks to post on your tumblr, as well as providing you with credits, this feature also uses your affiliate link. We are constantly trying to help you, help us, help you.

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